In the Doghouse, AGAIN?

Really? In the doghouse again?!? How many times do you need to make the same mistake, before you figure out not to do it? Well luckily for individuals who handle disagreements like that (I’m definitely included) the Bean has come up with a solution for you; I’m Sorry Vouchers!  Do something stupid again? Send a Mean Bean I’m Sorry Voucher. It really doesn’t matter if you actually ARE sorry, or not.. the point is that giving the gift of caffeine will get you off the hook. EVERYONE loves coffee and who wouldn’t enjoy the thought behind being able to get themselves some Whiskey coffee blend? No one, thats who, so no matter what you have done, short of purposely smacking a nun, our Mean Bean I’m Sorry Vouchers are sure to get you off. Try it. You have nothing to loose, and your freedom to gain.

by Mark